Strategic Drivers

Strategic Driver 1: To contribute towards building a Zimbabwean citizenry that demands Human Rights accountability by 2024

Under this strategic driver, ZPP focuses on monitoring and documentation of human rights violations and works with 470 community based monitors.  They monitor the whole spectrum of human rights violations that include civil and political rights and social, economic and cultural rights.

The monitoring work is evidence based and the ZPP team verifies and analyses all human violation reports before producing the organisation’s flagship publication, the Monthly Monitoring Report and other related information products. ZPP also commissions research on human rights issues which feed into advocacy initiatives.

Strategic Driver 2: To influence policy reforms that address the needs of communities by 2024

The main activity under this strategic driver is lobby and advocacy. From the monitoring and documentation and community peace building work, ZPP picks out issues that require action from office bearers and design and implement advocacy plans around them. Some of the stakeholders that the organisation engages includes constitution Chapter 12 Independent Commissions, government ministries, media and regional and international human rights bodies.  In order to strengthen the advocacy initiatives, ZPP also partners with like-minded Civic Society Organisations on selected human rights issues. The communities that ZPP works take up some of the community human rights issues with their local office bearers and follow through to ensure the issues are resolved.

Strategic Driver 3: To contribute to peaceful community cohesion in Zimbabwe by 2024

This strategic driver focuses on community peace building initiatives where ZPP works with community ambassadors (groups of men, women, youth and persons with disability selected for their commitment to the development of their communities) in peace building initiatives. Currently the organisation in working in Binga, Chiredzi, Matobo, Mutasa and Mutoko districts. ZPP endeavours to build sustainable and transformational initiatives in communities it operates in. Besides initiating peace building activities in their communities, the community ambassadors run livelihood projects that help them contribute to some of the needs of the communities. Currently, Binga,Chiredzi and Mutoko communities are running goat rearing projects. The community ambassadors also take a lead in advocacy initiative at local level and facilitate community dialogues with various stakeholders. 

Strategic Driver 4: To strengthen organisational systems for the sustainability of ZPP by 2024

Sustainability of the organisation is central to this strategic driver and includes fundraising and having in place a model human resources management system. It also ensures the strengthening of ZPP governance and having in place benchmark policies and procedures.