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Zimbabwe Peace Project was established in 2000 by a group of non-governmental and church organisations.

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Thematic Areas

To contribute towards building a Zimbabwean citizenry that demands Human Rights accountability by 2024

Under this strategic driver, ZPP focuses on monitoring and documentation of human rights violations and works with 470 community based monitors.  

 To influence policy reforms that address the needs of communities by 2024

The main activity under this strategic driver is lobby and advocacy. From the monitoring and documentation and community peace building work,

 To contribute to peaceful community cohesion in Zimbabwe by 2024

This strategic driver focuses on community peace building initiatives where ZPP works with community ambassadors (groups of men, women, youth and persons with disability…

 To strengthen organisational systems for the sustainability of ZPP by 2024

Sustainability of the organisation is central to this strategic driver and includes fundraising and having in place a model human resources management system

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